Thursday, August 9, 2012

In The Beginning

There are so many little buttons, gadgets, and what does this thing do to explore it is quite distracting. While it looks easy at first glance, that should have been my clue. With luck my head will bob slightly above water by the end of the week year and I'll be able to really start writing about what's on the shelf. So far, I've changed the background a gazillion times and the choices are fairly limited which is good. Here's my Exit Ticket for today. :) And you must be a teacher too if you know what an Exit Ticket is. If not, I'm fairly certain you will figure it out shortly.

Things I've Learned
1. It looks easy but not really for someone as totally clueless
2. Font choices are limited to 7 including Verdana (used here) and Trebuchet (which just sounds cool). I hope these are polite to use. I once taught in a school with a graphic arts teacher who knew typeface (font) histories etc. I discovered sadly Comic Sans is not considered polite/acceptable although I can't remember why exactly.
3. You can only highlight the text and not the text box background.
4. Text color choices are limited 64 (and not all of them are good).
5. I might overuse () and ..... Maybe I will break bad and switch to the m dash because an author friend once told me was perfectly acceptable to use. Just need to remember if it looks like ~ or -.
6. My natural writing voice or style is in the form of fragment sentences. My English teachers must be shuddering unless they are too busy worried about today's generation of texters.

Things I Want To Learn
1. Where is the spell check??? It would be so embarrassing to misspell something accidentally. Intentionally is ok when done for special effect. Right now it is copy and paste into Word and then repaste. Very old school.
2. I like the background and design where you can put pictures and customize the look of the page. Something to study on during the dreaded convocation. Of course, this will only happen if I have sufficiently recovered from the bus ride, mass crowd, loud music.. which is not likely but I digress.
3. What are all those Post settings for???? Permalink sounds like a permanent commitment.
4. All the things I need to know to be able to focus on writing about what's on or off the shelf.

I'm just going to stop the need to learn list now. Partly because my dogs said they need a cookie from the cookie jar and because the list could go on for a rather long time.

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