Saturday, August 25, 2012

Still Learning

So, I'm still learning how to create, organize, and write a blog. I'd like to have the things sorted and pages seemed to make the most sense. I'm not sure this will work because pages don't look or act like the Home page. So, while I'm learning you might want to check out the Kid Reads page which has the info. on my new favorite beach book. Unless of course, you are more interested in the nonfiction Grownup Reads from summer vacation.
Turns out the Pages are for static content. So, I'll be deleting those shortly and using the tags Kid Reads and Grownup Reads. I'm actually a little excited about this as it may lead to less management on my end. Less can definitely be more

Off to try and figure out this blogging thing.

Hope you are enjoying a Page Turner!

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